Uxmal Ruins: where are these pyramids?

I can't seem to locate the pyramids depicted on the image below. There are four pyramids in the image. Based on the description, these are supposed to be located in the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal.
Image Information.
  • Description: Five pyramids and a stone-block building stand on a flat landscape, varied only by some small bushes and a few large rocks. The sky occupies a great portion of the picture: the clouds breaking at top right reveal the moon, whose light illumines the pyramids. It is unclear whether the pyramid surfaces are bare or covered in vegetation.
  • Date: 1843
  • Source: Moonlight, Uxmal Ruins
  • Related book: New Light from the Great Pyramid

KD: If you run into these pyramids, please share your links. They appear to be buried, so I'm wondering what they look like today.
They bear a certain resemblance to the work of Frederick Catherwood. Frederick Catherwood


It is very difficult to identify where Norman was.


However, his drawings are not very different from the current ruins. From what I read on wiki, they apparently took some of their work as a work of the imagination. Benjamín Moore Norman
  • Indeed, after three months of travel in the Yucatecan peninsula, Norman returned to New York where he wrote and published his book in 1843. The encyclopedia Yucatán en el tiempo (page 363, Volume IV) says in the biographical note that it contains of this author, who later the historian Gustavo Martínez Alomía commented:
    • ... the engravings and lithographs (published in Norman's book) represent imaginary objects except those he copied from Stephens' book that had motivated his trip and we positively know that Dr. Sierra thought of integrating a rebuttal to Norman's book, of the that in the end he gave up because it had been necessary for him to translate everything and did not believe that such a book deserved the honors of translation or even to be refuted.
I found this are interesting that I found I suppose.
His drawing of Campeche reminded me a lot of Ogilby's engraving from San Francisco de Campeche.


Old lithograph showing the fortifications in the viceregal period

San Francisco de Campeche
I leave a map of the cities I visited. The Map is intended to show the geographical position of the ruins and the cities that passed before reaching them; and the Plans for defining the relative locations of the structures, however, none of them are presented with scientific accuracy.


I quote from Norman's book Rambles in Yucatan, by B.M. Norman-A Project Gutenberg eBook
  • The author left his country without the remotest intention of making a book on any subject, or even seeing the wonderful places he has tried to describe, yet with very inadequate scientific qualifications, no instruments except a knife and compass, and without a partner, save an Indian boy, completely ignorant of the country and its people, he was allowed to explore many objects of interest and curiosity; and it has resolved to present the substance of its observations and investigations, as succinctly as possible.
  • A part of the ruins that are noted in detail in the following pages had never been visited, as far as the author knows, by any modern traveler before their arrival.
HB: The author says: you will consider yourself entitled to enjoy the assurance that your life has not been entirely without profit.
  • I decided to take the first opportunity that presented itself to me to run towards the coast of Mexico.
  • For a long time I was so distracted by the multitude of objects that the memories of even the oldest Indians in the vicinity flocked.
  • Defeated in my expectations of this quarter, I immediately turned to the only procedure that would probably give me some solution to the solemn mystery.
  • I decided to dedicate myself to a careful examination of these ruins in detail. In my mind, that I could not notice them in detail. It wasn't until a few hours passed that my curiosity was sufficiently in check to allow me to examine them closely.
  • Indians from many leagues around, hearing of my arrival, came to visit me every day; but the object of my work was beyond his comprehension. They observed my every movement, from time to time they looked at each other with an air of sincere amazement; But whether it's to get an explanation from your neighbors' faces or to express your contempt for my procedures, I have allowed myself to remain in doubt to this day.
  • Of the builders or occupants of these buildings that were in ruins around them, they had no idea; nor did it seem that the question had occurred to them before.
  • After the most careful search, I was unable to uncover any traditions, superstitions, or legends of any kind. Time and foreign oppression had paralyzed, among this unfortunate people, those organs that have been ordered by the God of nations to transfer history to tradition.
  • All communication with the past here seems to have been cut off. Neither allusion to their ancestry, nor to the former occupants of these mighty palaces and monumental temples, produced the slightest emotion in them.
HB: What I think about is where Norman may have been, pyramids like New Light from the Great Pyramid, they haven't been found so far.
Perhaps they may be hidden even in the jungles of Yucatan, Campeche or Quintana Roo.
And it is that they are really very difficult to find, perhaps they should use that technology with which they found "El Mirador" in Guatemala Google Maps and Angamuco in Mexico, Michoacan Angamuco - Ciudad Prehispánica Purépecha.


El Mirador