World War II: Military Production Facts

Was tinkering with some WW2 equipment facts. Essentially I have one question for the blog visitors:



Some Math
Total systems produced by both Allies and Axis.​
  • Tanks, self-propelled artillery, vehicles: 5,028,937
    • Systems per day: 1,722
  • Artillery, mortars, guns:8,156,187‬
    • Systems per day: 2,793
  • Aircraft: 866,579
    • Aircraft per day: 296
  • Ships: 56,602
    • Ships per day: 19.3
  • Cargo Ships: 59,880
    • Cargo ships per day: 20.5

KD: Eight years is 2,920 days. The above red numbers are minimum daily production requirements. Basically, that is what had to be produced day in and day out by the involved parties to meet the officially reported equipment volumes.
  • Uniform, food and other supply related categories are not mentioned but should probably be factored in into the total picture.
So, do these production levels sound reasonable/attainable for the 1940s world?

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