Question | Year 2030: what are they hiding?

Oct 29, 2020
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I've been gone for a while and I still am. One of the main reasons for me not being present is the lack of motivation due to family issues. It's one of those things when the darkness has no end in sight. Hopefully one day I'll be back, for deep inside I miss certain things.

For right now, I wanted to ask you guys about your thoughts on the year 2030 and all the hype attributed to this date. The PTB clearly puts a certain meaning to this "2030" date. As far as we know they keep on talking about the so-called "Climate Change" formerly known as the "Global Warming." The importance of the date appears to be relevant. It's either that (the importance of the date), or they just picked a date to achieve their "world management" goals. Could there be more to this date than we are being allowed to know?
World civilization cycles are one of the topics that I've been pondering on for a while now. Industrial revolutions appear to be convenient enough for re-introducing older technologies into the newly developing, post-apocalypse spins of the world civilization. From this perspective, the infatuation of the elites (imho, some of them do know what's up) with "2030" could be rather interesting. Additionally, we are obviously dealing with certain depopulation related agendas. I am no expert, but it does appear that our planet can sustain way more than whatever our current population is.
  • When could population numbers become really important?
    • This is just a speculation of mine, but I'd say at the time when people compete for food and resources in the absence of infrastructure and governance.
  • When could we possibly experience the absence of infrastructure and governance?
What events could result in something similar to what we see here and here?
  • Wars?
  • Urban Fires?
  • Natural disasters?
The Three Events
As far as I understand, the official chronology can not be trusted. With that in mind, I think we could have one 19th century USA event broken into three separate events. Chances are there are more than three such events, but these three definitely stand out.

1811-1812: New Madrid Earthquakes
The New Madrid Earthquakes took place between December 1811 and April 1812 along an active fault line that extends roughly from Marked Tree (Poinsett County) in a northeasterly direction, crossing several states for about 150 miles. The earthquakes and aftershocks caused extensive damage throughout northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri, altering the landscape, affecting settlement of the area, and leaving noticeable reminders that another huge earthquake could happen at any time.
  • Thirty miles south, in the river town of what is today Caruthersville, Missouri, all twenty houses were destroyed, and the surrounding land was rendered almost unrecognizable.
  • The ground rolled in several-foot-high waves until they burst, hurling up geysers of water, sand, and a charcoal-like substance.
  • Giant fissures swallowed buildings, along with anyone inside.
  • Some land rose, and other land sank to become inundated with water as rivers changed their course to fill the hollows. Huge chunks of riverbank collapsed into the Mississippi, and an island rose, blocking the current from running downstream.
  • As fissures opened in the riverbed and the banks collapsed, the water was forced to run backward, or upstream, until the temporary island was washed away.
  • Most accounts said it lasted a few minutes, while others said it lasted up to three days.

1912 Source

1833: The Leonid Meteor Storm
The Leonid meteor storm was seen across the United States in the night and early morning of November 12th and 13th, 1833. Those who were awake to witness the storm were in awe as between 50,000 and 150,000 meteors fell each hour.
  • The 1833 Leonid Meteor Storm
  • To me, the above article sounded like an attempt to justify why just about every newspaper in the United States was publishing the exact same, or almost exact same text. Could it be that this is how historical narratives get introduced?
On a separate note, if these were not meteors, what could they be?



1859: The Carrington Event
The Carrington Event was the most intense geomagnetic storm in recorded history, peaking from 1 to 2 September 1859 during solar cycle 10. It created strong auroral displays that were reported globally and caused sparking and even fires in multiple telegraph stations. The geomagnetic storm was most likely the result of a coronal mass ejection (CME) from the Sun colliding with Earth's magnetosphere.


I am not so sure there was "nothing much" to damage in those days. What about an allegedly "non-existent" at the time electrical grid?


The horse-drawn tram (horsecar) was an early form of public rail transport, which developed out of industrial haulage routes that had long been in existence, and from the omnibus routes that first ran on public streets in the 1820s, using the newly improved iron or steel rail or 'tramway'.
  • In the United States the very first streetcar appeared in New Orleans in 1832, operated by the Pontchartrain Railroad Company, followed by those in 1832 on the New York and Harlem Railroad in New York City.
  • Horsecar - Wikipedia
For whatever (historical) reason, the above contraption is claimed to be the original design. They manufactured rails, laid train tracks, built cars... for what exactly? For horses to pull them rigs?
  • Something does not add up here.
  • Do these technologies match, or people were forced to use horses for obvious reasons?
Who knows, may be in some remote year 2095, historians will claim the below designs were original as well. Will they claim that the Carrington event 2.0 of 2030 did not damage much because there was "nothing much" to damage?


Power Grid Cyber Attack
Another thing to consider is the constant "threat" of an imminent cyber attack. The MSM and WEF are pounding it down our throats. They even went as far as calling it a Cyber Pandemic.
Wondering, what would be the difference between a Power Grid Cyber Attack and some (known to some) "Carrington Event 2.0"?

KD Question: Prophets have been popping up left and right recently. Them climate changes, pandemics, cyber attacks, upcoming famine, etc. There is always someone out there to predict their occurrences, and somehow their "prophesies" become our reality.
  • Could it be that some people (or other entities) know what's coming around 2030, and govern the world society according to the pre-determined conservation plan?
Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.jpg

This particular guideline does not appear to match our currently claimed world population of 7.9 bil. But what if this guideline shows how many people can be adequately governed and controlled to start a new civilizational cycle after a "world ending" event? Could it be that more than 500 mil. people existing under the conditions lacking infrastructure and governance would jeopardize the ability of the future Robber Barons to re-start the world?
  • After all, who needs extra millions of hungry individuals competing for food and resources when there are none?
Per our official history, humans of our kind and thinking ability exist for over 50,000 years. Yet, 200 years ago in 1820-30s (what would this date be without railroad locomotives?) people still used animal power for transportation. A couple industrial revolutions and one Nikola Tesla later, and we fly, drive, claim space travel and explore the metaverse.

Meanwhile, we have loads of evidence that this world was eviscerated (may be more than once). Dates differ, but plenty of this evidence points towards the first half of the 19th century being the most recent occurrence.

Here is the main question I guess: could it be that the projected "climate change" events of 2030 are a well disguised inevitable cyclical occurrence known to the select few?
  • If there is no climate change danger, and TPTB are not merely reorganizing the financial/governance structure of the planet... what could the significance of the year 2030 be?
I have all but two thoughts on the matter:
  1. We have no idea of the structure of the environment (what is our planet Earth?) we live in.
    • The Earth system could have some sort of a built-in fail-safe feature that under specific conditions triggers pre-programed events.
  2. Under specific conditions, we get attacked from the outside of our known geography.
    • These attacks are being presented as urban fires, meteor showers, Carrington events, years without summer and various New Madrid earthquakes.
OK… here we go.
This Second Sun business is BIG and all encompassing. It has reshaped the world many times throughout many Millenia as far as I can tell…. Wiped out several civilisations, flooded the planet, moved mountains and enlightened millions.
The bible’s Revelations is an attempt to describe it… the ancient Icelandic legends about the mountains turning into oceans and the oceans turning into mountains are examples of what the Second Sun’s energetic effect had on the planet and solar system.
But fear not, because over the millennia the effects of this visitation to our inner solar system are getting less and less severe to the point that the last cycle in 1365 AD only produced a famine in the northern hemisphere and severe storms in the southern. the Chinese and the Polynesians wrote about the last event quite openly but the AI and others have wiped that info from the books and internet.
Books like Worlds in Collision is all about the Second Sun’s cycle but that was heavily edited soon after it was released in 1958. If you read that book and replace the word ‘Comet’ with Second Sun you will get closer to the truth.
Some of the effects in the past were what is called ‘liquefaction’ or ‘mud-flood. Those effects are caused by massive magnetic, gravitational and plasma flows. ( see magnetic pulse welding to see what high strength magnetic pulsing can do to totally dissimilar compounds, like glass to metal to wood.) Hammers found in coal seams are a good example.
Most of my info came from my subconscious or Soul it seems because information just kept popping up… for example… I lived on a property adjacent to an estuary in NSW Australia and I noticed that the estuary had moved about 8 klms north to be where I was… something had caused the river to close up and make a right angle turn Nth around a mountain the out to the sea… Plus… on the property where I lived was a European Oak tree that had a 23 ft girth which made it about 650 years old taking it back to around 1365 AD … digging further I worked out that the Portuguese had been shipwrecked there and made a camp on the property where I lived. There was also some huge pine trees that were planted in a line. Sailors of old planted these sort of tree for future repairs on their ships so these sort of trees are a good indicator of history around the world…so this just a small example of how I gained knowledge about something big had happened around the 1365 AD mark… if you look up the Great Famine of 1323 (the date has been edited to get people off the timeline)… you’ll see on Wiki you’ll see a painting with dragon on it , a lion with wings etc…. All dragons depict Comets an flying lions are depicting the Sun… so the painting tells us what caused the Great Famine so the censors didn’t realise what the painting was saying I guess.
Anyway… I have seen with my own eyes many more physical evidence that shows what happened around 1365 AD not to mention cycles previous to that… things just kept falling into my lap. Plus there seem to be the input from my subconscious or something giving me information that I never knew about before just came to mind. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
So all of that info was more or less complete about 15 years ago and I started to think that we were all phuct… Then after a couple of years I calmed down and started to listen to my inner self tat seemed to be reassuring me that everything was and will be okay but there were no details of ‘okay’ so I just thought what the hell,I’ll just keep doing whatever.
Without think about what to do about the Second Sun thing I ended up moving to southern Tasmania… My and my wife took 3 years to build our house mostly by ourselves and I was to busy to think to much about you know what … Well wouldn’t you know it… I found out where the Second Sun was going to show itself and my main windows for our view looks straight out at the area in the southern sky where it will be visible. I only found out where it was going to be because a very prominent scientist that I follow casually mentioned in mid stream of a lecture in high end physics with plasma etc. He said “By the way… we can see the Second Sun with powerful telescopes in the southern sky”….. but he didn’t elaborate… he just went onto plasma physics etc. I tried to get more info from him but he wasn’t saying and no one in the group had any ideas… I’m guessing it’s a no-no to go into details.
So that was it…. I was back into it… finally I found the decoy Comet C/2014 UN271 … which made sense coz you cannot hide a giant Comet which happens to be the Second Sun from the public but you can delay the importance of it by using a decoy… AND…because the main windows for admiring our views down here looks straight towards the end of the Constellation Eridanus where the show begins, I’ll see it without to much effort and… that area of the sky never sets below the horizon.
So over time I’ve worked out that many of the stories in the bible are actually about the stars and how it relates to history etc.
The story about Jesus getting Baptised in the river Jordan by John the Baptist who got his head cut off is really about when the Second Sun was first visible almost 2000 years ago because the headless John the Baptist is Orion and the river Jordan is the river Eridanus constellation… that is where the Second Sun was first sighted back then.
A bit of the mechanics of the Second Sun is that after it first visible to the naked eye it takes 3 1/2 years to round the Sun and 3 1/2 years to go out of sight again… That is 7 years… The 7 Jewish wedding is depicting that… the Second Sun is the Bridegroom and the Sun is the Bride… the first 3 1/2 years of the incoming is the ‘Destroyer‘ and the 3 1/2 years outgoing is the ‘Healer’ (or something like that)… or Shiva on the way in and Vishnu on the way out.
The Second Sun brings with it the energy of the outer Solar System and most likely a entourage of rock from out there somewhere.
Judging from the past cycles, the energy of the inner and outer solar systems are nearly balanced and this means that it is highly likely that this up and coming event may be the last of the dramatic energy exchanges… let’s hope… it could even be the big one that causes the earth to be propelled into a divine state of existence . Lion with the Lamb thing as foretold.
So… in my understanding of all of this is that the energy of this is going to force our electromagnetic fields of our bodies that hold our trauma memories (coz we shove them there in defence of our emotions and mental anguish) it’s going force these issues to be resolved because the electromagnetic ‘trauma‘ fields actually block our connection to our Divine Soul which is within us and always has been and your true self is your Soul and this up and coming event brings the truth out and if you are blocking that intentionally or unintentionally you are going to forced by the Solar System’s energy during this event to heal those trauma memories very quickly… and you don’t want that to just go bang so it’s best you start now so that it resolves in a more pleasant way.
Most of you will be going through these trauma barriers already because even though we cannot see the Second Sun yet, the energies are already working on us and through us… that is what all the crap from the controllers/elite is about… Emotions on steroids… wars, financial weirdness, power struggles, viruses, new aches and pains plus whatever else can sink your trauma boat.
I said to my soul a few years ago “OK” …then I got a Fllloggging for about 3 years… not enough to kill me but enough to knock the snot out of me. Releasing one pent up trauma after another is exhausting… plus… if you can’t remember them to resolve the issue then you get some sort of sickness that is associated with the trauma or timeframe of the trauma… But in the end it’s all good… I’m just coming out of it now but I’m also wary of “is it finished?”( bloody hope so )
So more and more of the Soul mind is coming through and I am learning to not get in its way or go back to my old self. (Which isn’t as easy as it sounds)
I have never said “That’s weird” so many times in my life… coz it’s really weird when it happens…. Weird upon Weird stacked on more weirdness.
So anyway…part of me hopes the Second Sun doesn’t exist… which is sort of okay coz it’s a bit daunting… but so is that bloody Reset stuff 🕍🤘🤐
But if it does show as expected… I’ll be watching how the people react … hopefully I’ll be off-grid by then… I would like to be off-grid either way. (It’s very common down here)
That looks like one of my wrens in the avatar… I have fed 4 generations now…. Same with the Betongs, Potteroos and Bandicoots…Spottted Quolls are a bit frisky, so I just throw the food at them.
I assume you are talking about the so-called Nemesis. What makes you think it exists?
Hearing scientists refer to it. Plus what I said above.
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