1623 Africa Ex Magna Orbis Terre Descriptione

"This is the first edition with the name of Henricus Hondius on the title page. The Latin Atlas is enlarged with the same six new maps of French provinces as appeared in the 1619 French edition (1:113): (49) Saintonge, (54) Picardie, (55) Champagne, (56) Beauvais, (60) Bourbonnais, and (62) ~ercy. As in the 1619 French edition the 1585 Mercator map of France (map 46) is replaced by a 'new' one: Jodocus Hondius map of 1600, some copies of the 1623 edition have a later state of this map with the date altered to 1622. Mercator's map of Bohemia (map 106) is replaced by Blaeu's map of the same region." (Van der Krogt 1:105). This copy has unusually fine color. It was long held in a collection in Germany.
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