Caucasian Race Analysis

I know what you're thinking... Stop.

The topic is the Caucasian Race and just some meandering thoughts. Even though in recent times leftist leaning authors choose to use "social construct" to describe race, the eyes generally don't lie.

I'm going to subdivide the races by diversity in the amount of physical differences we can detect, mainly using hair, skin, and eye color.

We have Caucasians...
And then we have everyone else.

Caucasians are the only race to produce a multitude of skin tones, eye color, and hair color.

Skin.. From pigish pigment all the way through bronze Mediterranean "olive oil" tones. We see every shade of white and biscuit to pinkish to light brown colors depending on region and ancestral mixing.

Eyes.. The only people to exude not only brown but blue, green, and hazel.

Hair... The only people to display colors from jet black, to brown and auburn, to blonde, and then red. The only people in the world capable of being red and blonde headed at birth.

Everyone else in the world will not display such diversity unless mixed with Caucasian.

From African to Asian to original American. From the steppes of Mongolia, to the Incas, to the Zulu Nation, I could not detect any diversity then the standard perceived black hair, brown eyes, black skin, brown skin.

Their is something peculiar about Caucasians. The most genetically diverse people on the planet. The race that also brought forth the vast majority of technological advances. Why is this section of humanity so much different than all the others? Why does this race display so many more options physically.. genetically?

When looking at other races I cannot help but to think of a "one size fits all" statement. When an Asian couple has a child every one can count on the hair being black and the eyes being brown. Same with Africans and native americans with no intermixing. For the most part parents and nurses have to wait and see what to write down for newly born Caucasian babies.

Because of intermixing we absolutely know that humans are interchangeable genetically. For me it's merely a wonderment of why this segment of the population is so different and brings up questions as to the actual reason of this difference and of course questions of our beginnings in general.


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Caucasians clearly have much higher melatonin levels to account for lighter skin, whereas "equatorial" people have more melanocytes. High melatonin can do interesting things regarding GH and Testosterone. I read this book years ago and it blew my mind:
"Melatonin: Breakthrough Discoveries That Can Help You Combat Aging, Boost Your Immune System, Reduce Your Risk of Cancer and Heart Disease, Get a Better Night's Sleep" by Russel J. Reiter and Jo Robinson

Here's an interesting take on The Grail Kings and Faery/Fairy genetics by Laurence Gardner:
In the Realm of the Ring Lords


its just more common but not exclusive. It's not due to "white" ancestry but due to gene expression.

HOW? Asians & Chinese People With Natural Blue & Green Eyes: The Genetics

There's a little debate over whether it's due to a type of albinism. One African woman shared her perspective on another forum:
"when I was a baby I had red hair. My family are 100% full blooded West Africans. Albinoism runs in the family but we aren't the typical stark white oneswith blonde hair; many of us have reddish brown skin and blondebrown hair."