Giant "Ancient" Romans, Human Engineering and the Real Slavery

Well, I just wanted to throw this out there for a discussion. For a while now, I have been trying to find a possible explanation for the weird infatuation with the Ancient Roman culture displayed by those who lived in the 19th century. According to the narrative the time distance between the 19th century, and the Ancient Romans was pushing 1,200 - 1,400 years. Yet, we have such recent (relatively) individuals as Napoleon Bonaparte, Peter the Great and George Washington displayed wearing the same Ancient Roman toga attire. Of course, it is explained officially as an artistic style, or vision. But what if style or vision had nothing to do with this. What if we are being misled beyond belief?
  • The toga, a distinctive garment of ancient Rome, was a roughly semicircular cloth, between 12 and 20 feet (3.7 and 6.1 m) in length, draped over the shoulders and around the body. It was usually woven from white wool, and was worn over a tunic. In Roman historical tradition, it is said to have been the favoured dress of Romulus, Rome's founder; it was also thought to have been worn by both sexes, and by the citizen-military. As Roman women gradually adopted the stola, the toga was recognised as formal wear for Roman citizen men.
  • Ancient Rome: 753 BC - 476 AD
Additionally, we need to remember that there was no knowledge of anything ancient prior to approximately 1418, when Poggio Bracciolini discovered the "antiquity". There are multiple other issues to consider, when talking about the antiquity as it relates to the narrative compliant time frames. Below are just some of those.
17-19th centuries.
The below compilation has three well known historical individuals wearing the above mentioned Ancient Roman toga:
  • Peter the Great: 1672-1725
    • Remember, that Peter's last name was ROMANov.
  • George Washington: 1732-1799
  • Napoleon Bonaparte: 1769-1821

In the image below, could we have some poorly hidden toga wearing individuals. The only issue with that would be that it was 1870s.

In case you think that people were not wearing togas back then, here you go.


And of course the above collection would not be complete without the below statue of George Washington.

Horatio Greenough Washington.jpg

Obviously, there are more of the "recent" individuals out there, displayed in such a fashion. The above three were used due to their notoriety. Here is a little extra on the issue.
Alexander Suvorov

Roman monuments to non-Roman individuals

Ancient Times
Then we obviously have the original toga wearers, those from the so-called ancient times. I will lean towards the size mismatch between "ancient" individuals due to my train of thought racing in this specific direction. The size variation is different. Whether it could be attributed to various time frames, or different versions of the species, I do not know.

Marcus Aurelius at a sacrificial ceremony with the Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus in the background.

I am not going to look for any additional images of the different size ancient humans wearing togas. I know that I have seen a few. You are welcome to add the ones you come across.

I will leave visual presentation of humans/humanoids at that for right now. Simply remember that there is a height/size difference present. For additional reference please see the below link. The individuals there are not Ancient Romans, but I believe the core issue is directly related.
Your Highness/Majesty
I suggest that the below explanation of Highness/Majesty could be incorrect:
  • The forms used when referring in the third person are His Highness (of a man) and Her Highness (of a woman).
  • If the prince or princess is a member of a royal family, the full form is Your Royal Highness; if a member of an imperial family (i.e., the family of an emperor or empress), the form is Your Imperial Highness.
  • The corresponding form for a king, queen, emperor, or empress is Your Majesty.
In my opinion, "Your Highness/Majesty" means a much bigger size of the person referred to by "Your Highness". Meaning the title should be taken literally. As in...


A lot has been said about various instances of the Roman-like architecture in the United States. None of these architectural marvels describes the issue we are dealing with better then the World Parthenon phenomena.

The original Parthenon is claimed to be Ancient Greek. At the same time if the Ancient Rome was not what we are told it was, the Ancient Greece, if it ever existed, was something different as well. In my opinion its one and the same.

Anyways, here is the Ancient Greek Parthenon in Athens.
  • Constructed: 447 BC - 432 BC

This here is the Nashville, Tennessee Parthenon.
  • Constructed: 1897 out of horse hair and plaster. Rebuilt into a permanent structure between 1925 and 1931. Allegedly of course.​

Additionally we have multiple other similar structures. Some were produced almost 2,000 years ago, and some only 100-150 years ago.

The Peter and Paul Cathedral in Sevastopol.
Built in 1840-1842.


Same Sebastopol church (above) in the 19th century.
Link 1 - Link 2
Peter and Paul Cathedral in Sevastopol_3.jpg

Madeleine Church, Paris. Built in 1807-1828.
Founded by Napoleon.

Roman Pantheon vs French Pantheon
113 AD vs 1765 AD

Titus Rome Arch vs. Moscow Arch
82 AD vs 1834 AD

KD: My hypothesis for all of the above is summarized via the below bullets.
  • Ancient Greek Parthenon, Roman Pantheon and any "ancient" structure was built at a relatively the same time with the Nashville/Sebastopol Parthenon, and French Pantheon. In other words, the only difference is the condition our TPTB chooses to keep them in.
  • Napoleon, Washington, Peter the Great and their Co. and Marcus Aurelius and his Co. (while traditionally separated by 1,000+ years) belonged to the same spin of civilization, and have to be placed much closer to each other on the time scale. Some of them could possibly exist at the same time.
  • They were the ones called "Your Highness, Majesty" and such due to their superior height, power and abilities.
  • They were the proverbial Giants, on whose shoulders Mr. Newton once stood.
  • They used the doors similar to the one below.

If this guy below was to stand up, he would have walked right through the above door, and its size would have made the perfect sense.

Horatio Greenough Washington.jpg

The upper floor of the Russian Winter Palace was for the serving slaves. The other ones were for the Gods.


And those "in the know" have been making fun of us for quite a while now.


Real Slavery?
I finally made it to the actual purpose of the article, which made me spend time on everything you see above. Their Highnesses and Majesties, aka The Giants, were the true masters with knowledge and abilities to build all the architecture we still admire today. They also had the knowledge to make us, the humans. I mean exactly that. Just like we make cars, and computers today, they were making us. They were the Gods, and us, the humans, were their slaves. We were made in their likeness, but with multiple developmental shortages.

In one of the recent articles pertaining to the early American Prisons we had the below building: Eastern State Penitentiary.
  • Originally, inmates were housed in cells that could only be accessed by entering through a small exercise yard attached to the back of the prison; only a small portal, just large enough to pass meals, opened onto the cell blocks. This design proved impractical, and in the middle of construction, cells were constructed that allowed prisoners to enter and leave the cell blocks through metal doors that were covered by a heavy wooden door to filter out noise.
Notice the size of the front door, and re-read the bullet above. In my opinion this is the place the Gods used for production of their slaves. Those slaves were us, the humans. The slaves were of all skin colors.


Additionally we could have been grown in what today is known as Dolmens.

Aristocracy is a form of government that places strength in the hands of a small, privileged ruling class. The term derives from the Greek aristokratia, meaning 'rule of the best-born'. The Gods were the Aristocrats: a class of persons holding exceptional rank and privileges, especially the hereditary nobility.
It appears that some time as late as the mid-19th century some of the Gods were still in existence. Something happened, and humans, aka The Slaves revolted against their masters, and won the Global War. I use the 19th century relying on the traditional time table. Could it be some other time frame? It probably could.

After the war we ended up with multiple cities without population:
Engineered Children
Once the War with Gods was over, the children could still be engineered. In my opinion this is how the below "Orphan Train" issue could be explained.

Official position: During the 1850s there were thousands of children living on the streets of several major cities. The children were in search of food, shelter, and money and sold rags, matches, and newspapers just to survive. The children formed gangs for protection because life on the street was dangerous and they were regularly victimized. The police often arrested the children, some as young as five years old, and put them in lock up facilities with adult criminals. Determined to remedy the situation, the Children’s Aid Society and the New York Foundling Hospital devised a program to take children off of the streets of New York and Boston and place them in homes in the American West rather than allow them to continue to be arrested and taken advantage of on the streets. Because the children were transported by train to their new homes, the term “orphan trains” began being used.
  • The Orphan Train Movement was a supervised welfare program that transported orphaned and homeless children from crowded Eastern cities of the United States to foster homes located largely in rural areas of the Midwest. The orphan trains operated between 1854 and 1929, relocating about 200,000 orphaned, abandoned, abused, or homeless children.
Not sure if this one here could be related, but judging by our abandoned cities, and population numbers in 1850s, may be it could. May be the Gods did keep our numbers under 500 million. Looks like it did not help them too much. On the other hand, may be their numbers were under 500 millions, this is just some food for thought.
Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.jpg

KD: Anyways, above is my hypothesis on some of the issues we are dealing with. I just scratched the surface of the info pertaining to the topic at hand here. I understand that it sounds crazy enough, but so do some of the narrative compliant versions.

As far as giants go, may be we should start paying closer attention to what we are actually presented with. Some of the paintings could reveal things we were not supposed to know.

Greetings to Korben! My name is Roman, I come from Russia, from places not indicated on old maps - between Kondoria, Velikaya Perm and Vyatka (now this is the north of Russia, the Komi Republic, the land of Zyryan). I also study my area and believe that there used to be big people - in my city there are buildings with large high doorways. I saw buried floors, and different buildings with pillars. We attribute the construction to architects, having looked for whom in the archives I did not find them. Thanks for your work. I fully support you. Petersburg stone is partly real, partly artificial. The head of the statue was changed to the head of Peter 1.

This is from my 100 year old Napoleon book:

"The result was that two great nations, in the full consciousness of their strength, collided like two knights in armor: the Roman, fully military-styled France, and the Germanic*, people-ruled England.

Inexhaustible were the resources with which the island nation managed to persevere as with the toughness of a mastiff.
It did not have the satisfaction of conquering, but it remained unconquered, and took advantage of the situation to assume for itself the world domination which Napoleon fancied himself.

Things were different on the European continent. Here the states were traditionally ruled by royal houses.
France had abolished this form for some time, it is true, in order to restore it in a similar, much more oppressive form.
The other countries had become more or less acquainted with this example, but the terrible pressure under which the princes sighed forced them with iron force that they should not rely on alliances with other states, but on the inner strength itself.

note on the bottom of the page:
* The English prefer the term Anglo-Saxon.

Do notice the term "abolished"
Was there actually an event called French revolution with killing people and storming the Bastille?

And where is the English Crown gone?

And what world domination wanted Napoleon? The book does not mention any America at all.

This is really a strange thing.

I inserted the wrong photo. This is the descriprion about Alexander from Russia feeling more German than Rus because he was brought up by Katharina II von Anhalt, having a long lasting friendship with the same-aged Frederik Willem from Pruissia and it litteraly said that Russia was the most powerful power.

I hope this is the correct photo:

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@KorbenDallas love this idea and totally agree! My old post about Jesus/buddha potentially being clones with different clone philosophies Fits with this idea too.

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