World population: where are the missing trillions of people?

How long ago was the Great Biblical Flood? Was browsing through some random 19th century family pictures provided by the Google Images search. And you can see for yourself that families were predominantly pretty big. I do understand that through out time there were wars, epidemics, volcano eruptions, floods, birth deaths, hurricanes, and all other sorts of things. All those things, supposedly, reduced the life span of those individuals who lived in the past. That is according to our dogmatic way of thinking. In reality it appears that we do not really know what the reality had looked like.

Do we need top notch medical care and other bells and whistles to procreate in great numbers? Probably not so much.

So, undeniably, there were some big families back then. I guess at the time their parents were not really worried about paying their kids through college, and all other responsibilities of today.


19th_century_family_2.jpg 19th_century_family_3.jpg 19th_century_family_4.jpg
A thought of Noah crossed my mind. Scholarly consensus sees Moses as a legendary figure and not a historical person. Rabbinic Judaism calculated a lifespan of Moses corresponding to 13911271 BC; Jerome gives 1592 BC, and James Ussher 1571 BC as his birth year.

Basically we have at least 1300 year before Christ, and 2018 after. So, roughly 3,300 years.

I will just "play" with the bible story, because it is something easy to work with. We have a time frame and an exact number of people who survived the Great Flood. Those people were:
  • Noah with wife
  • Shem with wife
  • Ham with wife
  • Japheth with wife
For the sake of my little experiment, I will consider that only younger generations can have children. I also will not consider that they had some ridiculously long life spans.

The below count is not going to be tremendously accurate. The Excel table was put together pretty quickly, and I oversimplified it, vs. making it overcomplicated.

The table is attached. You can download it and do with it whatever you are pleased. You can modify it and have parents live longer, or whatever.

What we have in the Excel table.
  • Parents can have children only within the set step (I will use 30 years) - column 1
  • Both parents die at the age equal to the column 1 set parameter
  • Column 2 is number of families - assumption one male/one female
  • Column 3 is number of children per family - I will have 3 children per family
  • Column 4 is the total number of children (future parents)
  • Column 5 is the total population of the Earth
If you choose to update the table, and bring the parents over into a separate column, and have them live longer than the set step, the population number is going to be greater.

So I start with 3 fertile families of 2 people in each (Noah's son + wife) x 3 = 3 families
Each family will have 3 children. These 3 children per family will continue throughout the entire count.
Parents will die at the age of 30 years old.


First of all, everything is a rough and hypothetical assumption here. I chose 3, because it appears to be a fair number when taken into consideration are: wars, epidemics, volcano eruptions, floods, birth deaths, hurricanes, etc. I think 3 is pretty conservative.

The Great Flood was 1530 years ago?
The world population today is (supposedly) 7.6 billions of people. How long ago was the Biblical Flood if we use my little excel table calculations?

And the answer is 1530 years ago. Because if it happened any earlier then that we would end up with the following population numbers:

  • 2010 years ago - 5 trillions of people
  • 2400 years ago - 978 trillions
  • 2700 years ago - 56 quadrillions
  • 3000 years ago - 3 quintillions
  • 3900 years ago - 623 sextillions
  • 3960 years ago - 1.4 septillions

Question: where are the people, and when was the Great Biblical Flood? Once again, please feel free to correct my excel table. I am not sure I like the numbers it produced.
  • NOTE: mythstifieD created his own, more sophisticated, version of the population excel spreadsheet - File #2 below. Detailed explanation can be found here.
  • NOTE #2: special thank you goes to MoonWatcherfor creating a video demonstration (youtube vid above) of the puzzling population growth rate we experience.


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