Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps

Located in La Jolla, California, Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps is a leading dealer of fine antique maps and atlases. They are perhaps most well-known for their extensive online antique map inventory, which is the largest and most diverse available online.

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps was established in 1992. Their website was launched in 1996, making them one of the oldest and most active antique map sellers on the internet. As of 2017, they have sold and shipped over 41,000 antique maps and atlases to collectors and institutions in over 75 different countries.

Barry Lawrence Ruderman Antique Maps have earned a reputation for handling top-quality authentic antique maps and for helping to inform both experienced collectors and first-time map buyers. They pride themselves in offering a wide variety of antique maps and atlases at fair prices and for helping collectors to start and craft their collections. The gallery on Girard Avenue in La Jolla provides a warm and comfortable environment for map collectors to gather, browse the current inventory, and discuss antique maps with the friendly staff.


Antique maps offer the collector a vast variety of opportunities for enjoyment. Antique maps stimulate intellectual curiosity, provide us with a contemporary view of the world as it was known in earlier times and are often objects of great beauty and artistic skill.

KD: For the seekers of our true history, this "zoomable" collection is an important research tool.