Map of the World: fake or not?

Ran into this depiction of our realm on the internet. Can't find the original source. Looks highly questinable, but who knows... Any ideas on what this is?
Cool find. I'm rather suspicious but it contains some interesting ideas. It really strikes me how much is credited to "the Nazi"s" when they were only around 12 years, according to what we're told.
In the top left we have a huge moon inside the dome, with the words "the unknown" above it. Below that appears to be a quote from the Book Of Enoch. To the right of that it describes the 4 winds from the 4 corners of the Earth witness a magnetic vortex (red arrows), which leads to the sliding of the magnetic poles (pink arrow). To the right is a quote from the Bible, then the big diagram which you can probably decipher, but it has a reference to the moons Phobos and Deimos circling Mars in a reverse direction. Can't tell if its referring to actual bodies "in space" or lights in the sky.
At the bottom right is a description of how the moon appears from the north and from the south, but interestingly it refers to the sun beams coming out of a black hole. It says in the top of the four diagrams that the sunbeams are largest "from the black hole", then smaller below that and smaller and then larger at the bottom. Its not saying there are two moons but shows how they would look from the south or the north. To the immediate left is a diagram of an eclipse.
In the lower left corner it shows the phases of the moon, but interestingly shows how they are affected by Mercury and Venus which are shown orbiting the sun.
There doesn't seem to be a date but its signed by "S Bini". You would know more about its authenticity as a historic document than I, but the ideas are interesting.
I wish there were a description of the eyeball looking diagram to the left and the lens looking diagram below it. I can't make out the names in the lens looking diagram but there seem to be too many to be the planets.