Hyperborea: what if it still exists?

Obviously we know that all the major landmasses, as well as the smaller ones, have already been discovered. We have space satellites providing us with up to date geographic imagery. The International Space Station is out there constantly keeping a close watch on our planet. At least, this is the way it is supposed to be. Yet, some perfectly explainable, but in my opinion, still strange circumstances might suggest that things could be a bit more complicated.


Gerardus Mercator

Do I really think there is a hidden continent of Hyperborea in the vicinity of the North Pole? May be not so much, for the power of the dogmatic education is still strong inside this one. But I do think there could be just about anything which we are not allowed to see up there. I will use Hyperborea as a hypothetical hidden object. To get my point across. For that, I will have to cover the following areas:
  • History of Hyperborea including text sources
  • Hyperborea on the maps
  • Marine and Aerial traffic - satellite data
    • Cruise ship routes
  • Military bases around the Bering Strait
  • GPS challenges in the Arctic
  • Temperature inconsistencies
  • Time Zones anomaly
  • The China-Russia-Canada-America underwater Train
In Greek mythology the Hyperboreans were a mythical race of giants who lived "beyond the North Wind". This land was supposed to be perfect, with the sun shining twenty-four hours a day.

Prioris Hemisphaerii, totiusque Geographici_A.jpg

Once again, we run into this mysterious 15th century which gave us knowledge of the so-called Ancient World.
The earliest extant source that mentions Hyperborea in detail, Herodotus's Histories, dates from circa 450 BC. And this is where we run into the first problem. As this blog members know, I have a big issue with sources of our history. This one is not an exception. Allegedly, Herodotus wrote his "Histories" in the second half of the 5th century BC. Yet, the earliest copy of some other copy this mankind has in its possession is dated to "some time before 1449". This means that the text was "located" in 1449 and could not be produced later then 1449. Hence, we have this 2,000 year old time void during which Herodotus was unaccounted for. Along with Herodotus, Hyperborea was also MIA.

In my opinion these 2,000 years are a lie. If Herodotus ever existed, he produced his texts some time between 10th and 15th centuries AD. This is just my opinion, but I have my own reasons for it:
Yes, I do think that we are being lied to (on some unprecedented level) by our historians. While the majority of these so-called historians genuinely have no clue, there are some that do. The top ones standing behind the Common Core historical curriculum definitely know what's up.

I have no plans to cover all the existing sources of our knowledge of Hyperborea. This is as far as I will go in this article. For additional information on the early, and other sources Wikipedia and co. will do just fine:
Maps: Hyperborea
Obviously one of the most famous maps of the Arctic Continent of Hyperborea is the one below. It was allegedly done by Gerardus Mercator in 1595. The below map was displayed in his posthumously published atlas, Atlantis pars altera.
  • Born in Flanders, the great cartographer Gerhard Mercator spent most of his adult life in Duisburg, Germany, where he died in December 1594. The next year his son Rumold published the last of the three parts of his famous atlas, which contains this map. It is the first full map of the Arctic, an expansion of Mercator's inset of the area in his world map of 1569, here showing recent Northwest and Northeast Passage discoveries. In the east, S. Hugo Willoughbes land is named for Sir Hugh Willoughby (d. 1554), who, leading the English Company of Merchant Adventurers' three-ship expedition in 1553, became locked in the ice off the coast near Murmansk with two of his ships; Russian fishermen found the boats with their corpses the next year. Willem Barentsz (ca. 1550-1597), the Dutch navigator, while commanding three expeditions in search of a navigable passage to eastern Asia across the top of Europe and Russia, reached Novaya Zemlya and discovered Spitsbergen (1596). Fretum Forbosshers and Fretum Dauis, in the west, refer to discoveries of the Englishmen Martin Frobisher and John Davis in the 1570s and 1580s [read more about them in the next two cases].The roundels in the corners contain the title and maps of the Shetland Islands, the mythical island of Frisland, and the Faeroe Islands. But the interesting feature, of course, is Mercator's depiction of the North Pole as a large magnetic rock, surrounded by four mountainous islands which are separated by four major rivers converging upon it.
  • Mercator explained the source for his cartography in a 1577 letter to John Dee, an English mathematician and astrologer:
In the midst of the four countries is a Whirl-pool . . . into which there empty these four indrawing Seas which divide the North. And the water rushes round and descends into the earth just as if one were pouring it through a filter funnel. It is four degrees wide on every side of the Pole, that is to say eight degrees altogether. Except that right under the Pole there lies a bare rock in the midst of the Sea. Its circumference is almost 33 French miles, and it is all of magnetic stone. . . . This is word for word everything that I copied out of this author years ago. [E. G. R. Taylor, "A Letter Dated 1577 from Mercator to John Dee," in Imago Mundi 13 (1956), p. 60.]
  • The identity of the author cited by Mercator, a "Jacobus Cnoyen of Herzogenbusch," has never been established. Jodocus Hondius acquired the printing plates in 1604; later editions of the Hondius version of the map show the separation of Greenland and the re-drawing of polar coastlines, particularly in the Spitsbergen and Novaya Zemlya areas, as the demythologizing of the Arctic continued by explorers and whalers.
Septentrionalium Terrarum Descriptio
1595 Mercator_Septentrionalium_Terrarum_descriptio_1.jpg

As we can see, the true source for the above map is named as Jacobus Cnoyen of Herzogenbusch. Who this gentleman was and where he acquired his information is anyone's guess.
Hyperborea Maps

1492 Martin of Bohemia

Martin Behaim - Wikipedia

1565 Americae Pars Borealis
1565 Americae pars Borealis_M.jpg

1570 Ortelius Europe Scandinavia
1570 Ortelius Europe Scandinavia_M.jpg

1586 Terra Septemtrionalis Incognita America
Terra Septemtrionalis Incognita America.jpg

1587 Urbano Monte's World Map

The impossible 1587 Urbano Monte's World Map

1587 Ortelius Typus Orbis Terrarum
1587 Typus Orbis Terrarum_M.jpg

1592 Prioris Hemisphaerii, totiusque Geographici
1592_Prioris Hemisphaerii, totiusque Geographici_M.jpg

Related to the above map: 400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

Marine and Aerial Traffic
Marine Traffic
While we have tons of conventional ways to explain the lack of ship and aircraft movement North and through the Bering Strait, I think it is worth addressing the issue. We will use the below website. It allegedly uses satellite signal to track ship movement around the world:
Bering Strait


Bering Strait: 65.765066, -168.911138
Spitsbergen: 78.702680, 15.749018

  • Spitsbergen is approximately 910 miles north of Bering Strait. It experiences plenty of marine traffic. Gulfstream alone, if it even exists, can not account for this ability to travel in the North Seas. Sure enough, they can say that Norweigian Current is the one to blame, but its existence is as verifiable as the rover on Mars.

Good luck waiting on a ship going through the actual Bering Strait. I have been sporadically checking for about two months now, while thinking about posting this. No luck so far. Ships pop up in the vicinity now and then but not going through. This lack of traffic can not be explained if you actually think about the bigger picture of marine traffic as it relates trade, fishing and pleasure. If you do luck out with one phantom crossing, would that be sufficient to explain the issue?

Whole World

Alaskan Ship Cruises
At some point I thought that there was some Alaskan cruise going through the Bering Strait, but the routes below are self-explanatory. Cruse ships do not appear to enter the Strait. You can cruise Bering Sea all day long, but you will not go through the actual Strait.


Good-luck: From $25,850 to $49,990



Cross on Foot
Alaska Cruise Tour Coldfoot.gif

At some point I thought I found a cruise going through the Bering Strait. At least the below map and this article suggested that it would be possible. But it does not exist. At least I failed to find it available for booking.

Crystal Serenity cruise_alaska.jpg

Aerial Traffic
Multiple websites suggest that there are several flights going over the North Pole region. Yet on the aerial traffic satellite map we are witnessing the same issue. Planes do not fly there. Obviously we have traditional explanations which do sound plausible enough to accept them.

Military Bases
We sure have a butt load of both Russian and American military bases guarding the entire vicinity of the Bering Strait. This one is also plausibly explainable from the National Security stand point. But any regular military purpose can not exclude any additional one.



GPS Challenges in the Arctic
I did not think satellites cared where to send their signal to. Apparently this is not quite the case. Navigational difficulties in the Arctic region are partially attributed to poor satellite reception.
More human activity is expected in the Arctic region in the coming decades. However, satellite navigation remains inaccurate and difficult in this region. GPS is not quite as global as its name suggests—the technology is unreliable in the Arctic, an area on Earth that is slowly seeing more human activity due to tourism, research, and industry. As the ice recedes in the Arctic, the region may also become a more common passageway for ships. Accurate navigation is important in the Arctic for all of these situations, made especially crucial by the negative impacts accidents could have on the environment and the difficulty of rescue missions in the case of emergencies.
As you can see, 900 bln dollars spent by NASA to grow crops, play music and defecate in space were not enough to solve this Arctic region satellite signal issue. Shame on them, or shame on us for being so gullible?

Temperature Inconsistencies
Two regions 1300 miles apart when viewed North to South have virtually the same temperature, with Alaskan Anchorage being the warmer one on multiple occasions.

Vladivostok - Anchorage
North to South ~ 1300 Miles/2100 km

43.1198° N vs. 61.2181° N

Refer to: Vladivostok vs. Anchorage vs. Bandon - Climate Zone Maps

Time Zones Anomaly
Two towns, or cities are 59 miles away from each other, yet the time difference on the Time Zone Map is four hours.

Naukan, Russia

60 miles = 4 hours

Tin City, Alaska


As crow flies - 59 miles
Naukan, Russia to Tin City, USA
naukan_tin city.jpg

Refer to: Time Zones: Tin City, US vs Naukan, Russia

China - Russia - USA Underwater Train
Not to question Chinese ability to build this train route, but I do have my own doubts. May be if there was no Bering Strait out there. Sounds way too crazy at the moment. In my home state of Washington they are building this 50 mile long $60 bln dollar Light Rail Train which will take them 10 years to complete.

Probably should have never mentioned this one, but the entire idea is just ridiculous. Quadruple the price, triple the time and enjoy. I think something is left unsaid with this project.

china_usa train_1.jpg

KD: I do not know if they are hiding Hyperborea there or something else, but things are definitely not as straightforward as they should be. Accepting the official position requires one too many plausible explanations to be embraced as something normal.

In general, we are supposed to know what is located in the Arctic Circle: cold water and a bunch of ice. We have satellite imagery and ISS imagery. Finally we have Google Maps and Google Earth which are based on satellite imagery, right?

where is ice?

Faking Bering Strait
Misrepresent some bay...



Related article: Continent of North America does not exist... or could it be a part of Asia?

What are they hiding up there? Hyperborea?
Sounds a lot like "The Adam and Eve Story A History of Cataclysms by Chan Thomas"

Yes the sphere vs flat vs even hollow is a standing debate today, mostly flat vs sphere. What ever happened to the hollow earth theory? Jules Verne wrote about it ages ago just ad he spoke of trains and planes way before even developed. He even has the Vernian Society that is a following of his and take what he wrote to be mostly true. From Admiral Byrd to tales of Shangri La to the Nazi submarine tunnels under the Antarctic. Sorry I love reading.

Flat earth vs sphere? Still dunno, if you do the math and follow the numbers it makes sense, from a physics standpoint, if you understand the math involved it makes sense. I've watched FE videos that made some sense, then I've seen documentaries that the people disprove their own theories on camera and cannot explain themselves. Atomic, sub atomic, macro or micro the sphere appears a lot, so it us not far fetched that it extends beyond.

Suffering from Synesthesia, LLI and even my kids calling me an alien, I read way too much, from every aspect that I can see something not just the one that I see fits properly.

If anything I've learned, do not be biased on a subject, attack from all sides and be open to learning that you may change your stance. Too many people are one sided and not open, some is how we were raised, some was how we learned, others it is from life experiences. Sometimes that closed mind is what prevents us from seeing more clearly what is actually going on. It could solve a lot of problems, empathy has grown slim among us.

Sorry, I digress and am rambling again.

I still think that the cardinal directions which supposedly wasn't invented until the 1st century AD, were confused back in those times.
Jules Verne is one of the few writers from the Tartarian age that the elites left in our "accepted literature" list. They left him in just to strengthen their point about fictional/mythological documents from the middle ages (like maps that show hyperborea and no ice caps) that do not conform with the modern narrative (which is bullshit). There are very little surviving documents from beyond their 18th century, but i think Verne lived beyond that, in their 19-20th century so what he describes in his novels are technologies that were definitely in tartarian times. Verne was not a fiction writer, he was a world traveler and adventurer like Marco Polo so he described mostly what he saw. According to my research on the tartarian age, we are missing about 2-300 years of their industrial development from horse carriages in Piranesi's time (their 18th century) to planes, trains and zeppelins. Even though their world ended in a massive flood and cold cataclysm there is still a lot of their old infrastructure remaining to this day: long stretches of cement roads, single rail road lines, small airports dotted all over our planet. The suez canal, the panama canal and many other complex engineering projects around the world are from their time. We just found them and renovated them. There were even steel bridges that were found and reclaimed by our young civilization (we are only around 200 years old at this point). If you have been around this site long enough you will start to notice that their 18th century does not quite fit with our 18th century and i believe that is where the elites made the cut in historic record and appended our 18th century upon theirs. However traces of their vast civilization are still found all over the world on google earth, you just need patience and a keen eye to spot them.

The cardinal directions and many other forms of technology were invented and forgotten in each cycle, but the knowledge of their existance is unquestionable. Many ancient pyramids and temples are correctly oriented toward the cardinal points with one face/side always pointing north. Some of these pyramids are older than 10000 years. So you see they did have the knowledge of advanced engineering and cardinal points, but that knowledge was lost time and time again.
Sorry about that, figured it wasn't a hard find like other subjects can sometimes
I think all information is a prism, the perspective can be more important. my takeaway from reading identical content might be different than it is for someone else, common ground helps. most everyone has a different search cycle too ... thanks :)
I think all information is a prism, the perspective can be more important. my takeaway from reading identical content might be different than it is for someone else, common ground helps. most everyone has a different search cycle too ... thanks :)
Not a problem, and sorry wasn't trying to sound standoffish about searching it. Just knew that there is tons of information there. Have found some subjects are such a task to find through books/translations etc that the easy ones I don't even think to link.

I agree with KD that there is definitely a missing 1000 years or maybe more, the maps with Hyperborea listed, the old Piri Reis maps that show Antarctica with no ice. Spot on detail of the coastline, mountain ranges and river system, something we recently were able to prove via lidar.


I811, things like this, a sign at a park in Florida, newer sign, replacing an older one which I dunno when. But there's an I, not the number one, why? Older maps do the same, an I or a j instead of the number one, there has to be something to that? Haven't found any solid reasons myself. One of many reasons that finding KDs original SH forum was amazing, people didn't just discuss, they gave sources, pictures if they had and more, so many other places people seemed to just talk our of their ass to be blunt.

We are said to be what, the seventh age of mankind? Sorry, humanity, just the original saying. So 6 times previous there has been a near extinction event that threw humanity back to square one. That's s lot, and at that point to hell with reading and writing, it's all survival mode for quite awhile in my opinion, maybe that's why there are so many odd gaps. Someone out there, maybe TPTB know there are cycles to everything, and they wanna amass enough money because they think they can outlive something that more advanced past civilizations couldn't?

Sorry, I know that I am off the rails a bit with the main topic, just seems like the same story over and over.

Maybe the fall of Rome that was about 395-476 AD was the end, or rather our beginning somewhere in between. Someone just decided to toss a 1 in front of it. Though with so many calendar systems then who knows what year it really is. Our current year is based upon religion after all isn't it?
Hypothetically, anything could be possible. For starters, the Earth would have to be a sphere conforming to the accepted Heliocentric Model. Contrary to the dogmatic opinion, this model is a just theory.
What I find interesting, there was no actual working model of such spherical Earth ever produced. I guess scientists have no idea how to make water and gases stick to a rotating sphere.

I am not familiar enough to comment or speculate about anything relating to planetary mechanics or even broader if I did not personally have the experience one needs to make me see the light. Now there are exceptions, command briefing, or was briefed, passed on through a friend keeping everything in the family.

That said, In the mid nineties I was contacted by a high ranking Navy Officer and other assorted scientist both USA and Canada. I was asked to formulate a plan that included the following: Working with the Russians traveling by submarine, going under the polar ice pack through the Bering Straits, then due north. I am aware of the Bering Seas depth, We would stop at a place that had permafrost xxx feet deep and build a mining facility there. The place was rich in precious stone deposits. The Russians could not build there without our help. I was told they were lacking a certain building technology that enables one to build permeant structures on the permafrost.

My group , Canadians and Americans, were to provide a secure route to the mining site and at the site while under construction.

1802 Russian Map.jpg

Odd to me, most of the engineers and scientist were nuclear? What do I know.
I have a question, does anyone know if a person has ever set foot on the 90th parallel (The center of the North Pole)?

I think this is in serious doubt. Even the New York Times isn't sure of the North pole claims:
In September 1909, Dr. Frederick A. Cook and Robert E. Peary each returned from the Arctic with a tale of having reached the North Pole. Neither provided any solid proof or corroborating testimony; both told vague stories with large gaps. They couldn’t even convincingly explain how they had plotted their routes across the polar ice.

Yet each explorer’s claim immediately attracted its supporters, and no amount of contradictory evidence in the ensuing years would be enough to dissuade the faithful.

A century later, the “discovery” of the North Pole may qualify as the most successful fraud in modern science, as well as the longest-running case study of a psychological phenomenon called “motivated reasoning.”
Eric Dubay has a good recap of the alleged claims and the problems with the data provided (which are either missing or claiming ridiculous speeds to cover the final legs of the journeys):

It's easy for me to see how these expeditions set the stage for the "exploration of outer space" that would follow.
Just a quick comment for now, it would be an amazing project to try and correlate temperatures (and eventually sunrise/sunset times) and make a new latitude/longitude type …
If you haven’t seen this chart, it shows the disparity between north and south latitudes with respect to average annual temperature. Source
That site shows precipitation disparity and also comparisons of longitude as well.

Although this is an assumption, I would’ve imagined that individuals could sail north at their discretion, unless there exists a similar restriction on the seas north of 65lat as they have in the south.

Obviously we know that all the major landmasses, as well as the smaller ones, have already been discovered. We have space satellites providing us with up to date geographic imagery. The International Space Station is out there constantly keeping a close watch on our planet. At least, this is the way it is supposed to be
There is actually a lot more evidence that this is just a bunch of bullshit. Bullshit that is coupled with Darwinism and many other pseudo-scientific, unconfirmed, unproven, unrepeatable bullshits taught in school as "knowledge". Rather, they are acts of faith in the words of some puppets whose reasonings are based on thin air.

I think a good starting point to know what's going on can be found here:


I want to add that among the various puppets, one is particularly worthy of mention: Tesla, who with his worst enemy, Edison, and a handful of other masons founded a secret society, the Plus Ultra, with the aim of avoiding death in a new world he called Tomorrowland.
Meanwhile the earth's magnetic pole, that is the magnetic pole of the known earth, is shifting ..
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Tesla, who with his worst enemy, Edison, and a handful of other masons founded a secret society
Is it certain that Tesla existed? I am surprised there isn't video of him being interviewed. Also, I know he eventually had help to submit patents, but the volume is almost incredulous. It is reminiscent of certain architects during the late 19th century.
I have tried and tried to reconcile Greenland and the Canadian Arctic with Hyperborea. I see some similarity between Greenland as a whole and the constituent masses of Hyperborea + Greenland.

This requires a lot of assumptions and a serious rearrangement of geography even for conjecture.



and finally an exclusion overlay of Greenland


certainly scale is a factor here. did I scale Greenland so that it fit? yep. are we sure the cartographers had the scale correct? nope. is this wild conjecture and threadjacking. also yes. sorry!

KD: Moved this post to the comments section where it is more relevant.
Back into the Hyperborea subject with full zeal, and a new thought: topography. I have recently discovered some information previously unknown to myself, though it may have been covered previously.

firstly, looking into Greenland’s topography, we’re presented with two paths: glacial topography and bedrock topography. Since the glacial topography is easier to measure and less likely to be mis/disinformation:


this image was retrieved from here. The red dots indicate weather stations. It seems that the center of Greenland’s ice sheet is the highest. Makes sense. NASA offers a similar topography. Allegedly, the thickest part of the ice sheet is nearly 10,000ft thick, or nearly 2 miles. A lot could be hidden in that ice.

Next, is the computer modeled bedrock topography. This is what shook me:


This image is from here. Now it would appear that Greenland is a bit of a donut shape, a land mass with elevation around the edges and a body of water in the center. While nowhere as nearly perfect a circle as the antique maps of Hyperborea, there are a lot of old maps which have… generalized geography. Could Greenland actually be Hyperborea itself? The big boring Greenland would be an easy place to overlook.

even further down the rabbit hole, two “impact craters” have been discovered, including a “gravity anomaly” that can’t be studied because of the mile thick ice.

There's a second impact crater under Greenland
according to the studies, the second impact crater is about 200km “to the right” from Hiawatha (this would be down on my overlay). I can’t really use cardinals because I’ve rotated Greenland. I’ve taken the liberty of approximating the Hiawatha crater on my sketchy overlay of Greenland onto Hyperborea:


Here’s the second crater:

Image from here:

Universe Today - Another Enormous Crater Found Beneath the Ice in Greenland

that would plant the second, larger crater pretty central to Hyperborea
People headed North.

French woman is mauled by a polar bear after it wandered into a tour group's campsite on remote Norwegian Arctic island

"A French woman has been mauled by a polar bear which had wandered into her tour group's campsite on a remote Norwegian Arctic island.

The tourist was part of a tour group of 25 people camping at Sveasletta, in the central part of the Svalbard archipelago, more than 500 miles north of the Norwegian mainland.

The campsite is across a fjord from Longyearbyen, the main settlement in the Svalbard archipelago."

Svalbard on Google Earth:

Google Earth
“They tried to buy us in 1867, during Second World War, and now they are trying again,” local Kulusuk resident Bent Abeelsen told CNN.

Ive been looking for connections between “leaders” and oligarchs and politicians and Greenland and Antarctica lately. Quite a bit of action it seems.
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All roads seem to lead me back to the North Pole. Brushing up on my hollow earth, I stumbled upon these satellite images offered up in the 1960s:

They are photos of the North Pole, and are apparently by the ESSA. They were taken from meteorological/weather satellites.
the general/official consensus is that the “180° opposed cameras used to take the individual images to form the composite were capturing the pole when the sun wasn’t illuminating it” or something like that.

that seems somewhat feasible for the ESSA3 photo, but the ESSA7 has a distinct white ring about the blackness.
Old civilization
Extract from the book "Valiant Thor's guide to the inner earth"

According to Mrs. Jana Savage Lakewood Florida (1966) underground cities exist one a d half.mikes under the surface if Arizona and New Mexico. It was the greatest and the oldest civilization known to man.

In the missing diary of Richard E Evelyn Byrd document found at Hollow Earth Society is described Byrd's encounter with the Arianni a Hollow Eart civilization with whom he came in contact during his Arctic expedition.

In 1957 an article in the Fate magazine named California Mistesy holes talks about holes which appeared in San Gabriel and in the backyard of many Bluemfield of Los Angeles.

Carson Will.and Jeannie Joy wrote in 1963 an article "Prying into the unknown" in Search magazine regarding the discovery of two tunels in California leading into ancient caverns containing golden artifacts and skeletons of Giant Lemurians. The discovery was made y Mrs P Ellmen of an entrance to a subteraneean civilization near the Casa Diablo monument in the desert floor in Inyo County north if Bishoo Ca. From which they heard emerging music like from some other world.

In 1979 Lin Carter wrote Journey to the Underground World bases in the actual account of a visit by an explorer to the list world of Zanthodon .

In 1957 Castillo Francisco wrote a article Return from the unknown in the Fate magazine describing the discovery of a secret Mayan cave near the rivers Jetja and El Santa Cruz in the state of Chiapas Mexico, in which the writer witnessed a strange ceremony and the appearance of the god Quetzelcoatl.

The entrances to the Hollow Earth are at the poles.

212 miles of caves were found in the Mammoth Flint Ridge cave system in Kentucky (1980).

In May 1982 in the article Odyssey to Egypt in the magazine Voice if Astra the author Bill Cox tell about two tunnels which lead into the Earth in Egypt one in the temple of Edfu between Luxor and Cairo in the ruins of El Tuna Gabel, and another bear Zoser's Step pyramid at Cairo near Memphis Saqqarah,. The Egyptian government sealed both tunels.

In 1931 Churchward James in his book The Children if Mu mentioned the complete Naacal Library consisting of many thousands of tablets from.an ancient race hidden in vast chambers in the hearth of a mountain along with subterranean temples and monasteries near the headwaters of the Brahmaputra river south of Buthan India.

Mircea Eliade talks a out Zamolxis the vanishing God of Thracian and Dacians about the underground chambers of Andreon occupied by the ancient god Zamolxis.

Unexplored tunnels beneath the city of TACOMA Washington were discovered and a report named The Misterios Chinese caves was filled with the Washington State Historical society .

Leonard Euler 1707-1783 a famous Swiss physicist who was one if the most prominent mathematicians of his time being the founder of the calculus if variations the inventor if binary logarithms and the third person in the modern times known to have advanced the theory of the Hollow Earth Euler was the first theorist to imagine the Earth as a hollow globe devoid if concentric spheres and contain g a single interior Sun, most widely accepted of all Hollow Earth Theory today.

Farish Lucius wrote an article in Ancient Astronauts magazine in May 1973 named " Secret of the Old Ones , Contact on Mount Shasta" regarding a contact with the Old Ones an ancient race millions of years old and eons ahead if human development whith live in underground cities 30 miles beneath the Earth Surface.

In December 1946 an article named Inside Mount Lassen in Amazing stories magazine Fields Ralph the author describe the discovery of a tunel inside the mount Lassen in which he encountered a strange race of people far more advanced than those in the surface through subteraneeans tunels on strange ancient machines resembling asked mobiles.

Liliana Usvat
Ok, so this is a stretch, but bear with me. Let’s look at hollow earth again. Maybe we’re on the inside, maybe we’re on the outside, but that’s beside this point.

My wife sends me plenty of fun, conspiratorial TikToks (that’s her jam), and she sent me this one where the take the dollar bill and mirror it horizontally along the centerline to expose a reptilian looking creature’s face:


I saw it after she pointed it out to me, but the first thing I saw was a polar opening in the hollow earth.
Not useful at all but the map of Zootopia looks a little like Hyperborea.


Still, it's interesting the kidney bean shaped lake in one nation replicates the same shape of one of Hyporborea's small islands.
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As we can see, the true source for the above map is named as Jacobus Cnoyen of Herzogenbusch. Who this gentleman was and where he acquired his information is anyone's guess.
The real source of these informations is said to be the now lost book called 'Inventio Fortunata', supposedly written in the 14th century.
A short summary in few points:
  1. In the early 1360s, an unnamed Franciscan friar writes the 'Inventio Fortunata' (now lost) giving it to the King of England.
  2. In the year 1364, an unnamed priest "returns" to Norway and shares the discoveries with the King of Norway.
  3. In a not specified year some Jacobus Cnoyen writes the 'Itinerarium' (now lost) containing a summary of the 'Inventio'.
  4. By the 16th century the informations contained in the 'Inventio' are known through maps and a letter sent by Mercator to John Dee in 1577.
The wiki proceeds with some other juicy information about the content of Cnoyen's book:
  • "Greenland was first settled at the orders of King Arthur, whose army supposedly conquered the North Atlantic islands."
  • "nearly 4000 persons entered the indrawing seas who never returned. But in A.D. 1364 eight of these people came to the King's Court in Norway. Among them were two priests, one of whom had an astrolabe, who was descended in the 5th generation from a Brussels citizen. One, I say: all eight were from those who had penetrated the northern regions in the first ships."
Now the wiki makes two points to describe what's going on. The first is about the legendary King Arthur. The second about 8 survivors out of 4000 going to the King of Norway and reporting about the voyage to the North Atlantic Islands.

We can immediately see that the year 1364 in which the 8 survivors presented to the King of Norway is the same year previously mentioned in point 2, where a priest "returned" to Norway. So we have to conclude that the expedition supposedly sent by the King of England (supposedly Edward III) to the Atlantic Islands is described by Cnoyen as the one launched by the legendary King Arthur.

In that occasion the friar who wrote the 'Inventio Fortunata', supposedly giving it to the King of England (supposedly Edward III), met the priest who will proceed to Norway, after supposedly exchanging an astrolabe for an holy book. So according to the wiki, which doen't say whether the information is gathered from the maps of from Mercator's letter (or else), the guy who wrote the 'Inventio' returned to England after leaving the rest of the expedition and proceeding North alone, while the rest of the expedition never returned, except for those eight.
I will add that the priest who went to Norway had to exchange his book with the astrolabe only after the friar did his northern voyage, otherwise the friar had to navigate reading a book rather than taking measurments...

A couple maps I've translated some time ago add some interesting details. There's no translation of these Tuscan maps on the internet so I'm guessing the historical community is not aware of this adding pieces of information. These maps were supposedly done by Stefano Bonsignori, a Tuscan monk supposedly from the XVI century.

Polar lands imagined on top of Siberia.jpg
Polar lands imagined on top of the Bay of Hudson.jpg

These maps report two sentences. Here the first:

Immagine 2023-07-19 143242.jpg

  • The northern lands were unknown until Arthur the Briton (Arturo Brittanno), being informed about them, sent people to live there in the year of our Lord 1364 (S.re MCCCLXIIII), as it’s told by Jacobus Cnoyen from 's-Hertogenbosch (Iacopo Cnoien Buscoducente), who heard it in person from a priest working for the King of Norway (Re di Noruegia), who told him that in the year 1360 (MCCCLX) a certain English (Anglo) minorite mathematician ascended to these islands and measured everything with the astrolabe and described it with those calculations. Gerald of Wales (Giraldo Cambrense) wrote these things and many others too in his book titled De mirabilibus Hiberniae et miraculis (De Mirabilibe Ibernie)*.
  • * According to the Italian wiki, this is just the second part (distinctio) of the book titled ‘Topographia Hibernica’. As a side note, a book by the same title 'De mirabilibus Hiberniae' was written by a certain Gilla Pátraic, also known as Patricius.
The second sentence:

Immagine 2023-07-19 143316.jpg
  • The Northern (Settentrione) parts are so far from us that few are those who wrote about them. They say the King of Norway (Re di Noruegia) having heard about it, sent people there to live, having been told by a certain priest who was at his service, who said he went there. This happened in the year of our Lord (S.re) 1364. And before that it was known that a certain Practicing Minorite (Minorita Osservante) and mathematician went to these islands and, as Jacobus (Iacopo) Cnoyen tells, described and measured with the astrolabe, as if it was a description with words, the place and the four (4) channels which flow with such speed towards the North (Sette.ne) that ships which enter cannot absolutely turn back since they are caught by an inner whirlpool. Gerald of Wales (Giraldo Cambrese) tells the same things in the book about the admirable things of Ireland (Ibernia).
So in the first sentence we are apparently given the time when Cnoyen lived, which is the same time of the Franciscan friar who wrote the 'Inventio Fortunata'. We are also told about Gerald of Wales, omitted in the wiki, who apparently wrote about it, despite the fact that he died in the year 1223! We should certainly search for his ‘Topographia Hibernica’. Not to mention the strange recurrence of a book titled the same ('De mirabilibus Hiberniae') and written by Gilla Pátraic who supposedly died in the year 1084!
But most importantly it says that King Arthur sent people to live in those islands after having heard about it in the year 1364...

The second sentence confirms the first. The King of Norway seems to be Arthur the Briton, who supposedly sent an expedition there after receiving informations from a priest at his own service, who talked about the friar sent there by the King of England.

So the 'Inventio Fortunata' and the 'itinerarium' were almost contemporary books, the second copying from the first. But why a British King (called 'Briton' in the map) would become a Norwegian King out of the blue? Is it just me seeing a repetition of the story with two expeditions assembled by two kings? Not to talk about the legendary King Arthur living in the middle of the XIV century...

P.S.: I said "survivors" implying the other 4000 died, but the texts don't say that. It is said they didn't return, which could very well mean they settled in those newly found lands.

P.P.S.: As bizarre as it sounds, I've now found that Edward III supposedly found the "Round Table of King Arthur, to which certain lords took an oath", the wiki informs us. The guys on the wiki are surprised to see lords in Edward's service taking an oath around a legendary heirloom of a distant past!

"On 22 January 1344, after a tournament at Windsor Castle, King Edward III of England (r. 1327–1377) swore an oath to restore the Order of the Round Table to the same as that of King Arthur. Receiving agreement from the earls and knights present, Edward announced that the order’s first meeting would take place during Pentecost. The plan never came to fruition, but the new Order of the Garter carried connotations from this legend by the circular shape of the garter. Edward's wartime experiences during the Crécy campaign (1346–7) seem to have been a determining factor in his abandonment of the Round Table project. It has been argued that the total warfare tactics employed by the English at Crécy in 1346 were contrary to Arthurian ideals and made Arthur a problematic paradigm for Edward, especially at the time of the institution of the Garter. There are no formal references to King Arthur and the Round Table in the surviving early fifteenth-century copies of the Statutes of the Garter, but the Garter Feast of 1358 did involve a round table game. Thus there was some overlap between the projected Round Table fellowship and the actualized Order of the Garter."
It would be nice to read all the sources in the wiki and see how the life and deeds of Edward III, a very important character in English and European history, might be completed by a tale about the colonisation of the Arctic Islands.


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