1. Recognition

    American Chestnut Trees: Natural Extinction, or Victims of Bioweaponry?

    R: Chestnut trees and their almost complete extinction seem a good area for research. "Today, most American Chestnut trees only live to be between 10 and 15 years old. And then they get sick and die. This didn't used to be the case. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, they used to...
  2. KorbenDallas

    History: Fiction or Science? Chronology 5

    The primary corollaries related in the present book are : A new interpretation of Chinese history. A new interpretation of Western European history. A new interpretation of Egyptian history. A solution of the identity of the Etruscans. Fake 'Ancient' Chinese history as a propaganda vehicle...
  3. KorbenDallas

    History: Fiction or Science? Chronology 4

    The consensual world history was manufactured in Europe in XVI-XIX centuries with political agenda of powers of that period on the basis of erroneous clerical chronology elaborated by Jesuits Joseph Justus Scaliger and Dionysius Petavius. By middle of XVI th century the prime political agenda...
  4. KorbenDallas

    History: Fiction or Science? Chronology 3

    Dr. Prof Anatoly Fomenko and team dissect Almagest of ancient Ptolemy compiled allegedly in 150 AD and considered to be the corner stone of classical history. Their report states: Almagest was compiled in XVI-XVII century AD from astronomical data of IX-XVI century AD. As the King of astronomers...
  5. KorbenDallas

    History: Fiction or Science? Chronology 2

    According to author Anatoly T. Fomenko, so-called consensual history is a finly woven magic fabric of intricate lies about events preceding the sixteenth century. There is not a single piece of firm written evidence or artifact that can be reliably and independently traced back earlier than the...
  6. KorbenDallas

    History: Fiction or Science? Chronology 1

    History: Fiction or Science? is the most explosive tractate on history that was ever written – however, every theory it contains, no matter how unorthodox, is backed by solid scientific data. The book contains 446 graphs and illustrations, a list of 1534 sources, copies of ancient manuscripts...
  7. KorbenDallas

    Napoleonic Wars and Year 1812: when did they happen?

    The Puzzle To be honest, with every day that passes, I realize that I understand the mechanism used to fake our history less and less. I am well past the point when I thought that a simple manipulation could be the answer to historical shenanigans. I still don't know if some sort of a matrix...
  8. KorbenDallas

    Chronology: how old is America?

    Decided to share a few chronology related speculations of mine. Chronology is the science of locating historical events in time, they say. As it stands, the narrative compliant chronology is in total disarray. Below are my thoughts. I am not claiming that anything you see below is correct. I did...
  9. KorbenDallas

    London: Chronology of Events published in 1686

    I am not sure how to interpret the publication date. It appears the below book was published in 1685. At the same time, a book published in 1685 could not cover 1686. Book Source It's kind of important when the book was published, because the below list of events says "since". Correct me if...
  10. Resurrection of Jesus by Jan Joest

    Resurrection of Jesus by Jan Joest

    Jan Joest, also known as Jan Joest van Kalkar or Jan Joest van Calcar (between 1450 and 1460 – 1519), was a Dutch painter from either Kalkar or Wesel (both now in Germany), known for his religious paintings. The painting was allegedly produced in 1508.