Mud Flood, Dirt Rain, and the story of the Buried Buildings

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Piranesi was creating his immortal art in the 18th century. The buildings I wanted to talk about, for the most part were constructed in the 19th. Yet, these building have clearly accumulated quite a few feet of the so-called "cultural layer". Some might say that those buildings settled down with time. The other explanation would be that these buildings were built this way.

Annihilated African cities, killed population, establishment lies, Timgad and the Richat Structure Atlantis

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This thread is a sort of a buildup on the already existing thread: 400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa. Influenced by the recent publicity related to the ancient lost city of Atlantis being located in Africa, I took a hard look at quite a few of the older maps. Based on what I've seen, I did not see any evidence pointing to the African Atlantis being located on top of the Richat "Eye of Africa"...

400 year old Sahara Desert, or why people forgot everything they knew about Africa

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Somehow, in the 16th, and 17th centuries the map makers forgot to update their maps with the wisdom of the scientists of the future. Instead they depicted the Sahara Desert the way it was back then, 400 - 450 years ago. And what a beautiful site it was: lakes, rivers, cities, people, animals. Everything but the Great Egyptian Pyramids, so to speak. And then, all over sudden people got dumber. Well, either dumber, or the Mankind suffered some...

Bizarre transformation of the North American Continent: 16th through 19th centuries

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What if continents looked very close to the way they were depicted on the contemporary maps? Could something cause the water levels to rise? Just may be, the North American continent suffered a catastrophic event (along with the rest of the World). Map makers and Cartographers were desperately trying to reflect on the current state of things while the N. A. Continent was still changing its outline. In the 19th century the outline finally...

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